Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Policy for Handling Personal Information)

All personal information provided by users to us via the website will be handled appropriately as follows.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information pertaining to an individual that can be used to identify that individual, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, and other online identifiers.

Acquisition of Personal Information

When we collect personal information through the website, we will specify the purpose of collection in advance and only use it within the scope necessary to achieve the stated purpose. Moreover, as a general rule, the provision of information is at the user’s discretion.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided to us by users will be used within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, which is specified in advance.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose personal information to any third parties except in the following cases:

  • • We have received the consent of the individual;
  • • It is disclosed in such a way that the individual cannot be identified;
  • • It is disclosed to a company or entity (such as a contractor) with which we have signed a non-disclosure agreement to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use; or
  • • We are required by law, ordinance, etc. to use the information for another purpose.

Management of Personal Information

We will manage the personal information collected from users properly and take appropriate measures to prevent leaks, misappropriation, alteration, etc.
Personal information that is no longer necessary will be deleted without fail and without delay.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

If the user wishes to check or correct their own personal information, and contacts the division that manages the web page where they filled in their personal information, we will respond within reason in prompt fashion.

Use of Cookies and IP Addresses

We may use cookies and IP addresses for the following purposes:

  • • To determine the cause of problems occurring on the web server and solve them
  • • To make improvements to the content of the website, e-mails, etc. to better satisfy our customers
  • • To customize the content of the website, e-mails, etc. according to the customer’s use
  • • To use the information for statistical analysis in a format in which the individual cannot be identified

*Cookies are small pieces of information sent from the web server to the customer’s browser for efficient online operations. An IP address is a number that is used to identify the computer that is being used.

Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This website uses Google Analytics.
Acquisition of website access information and the usage of said information are determined by Google. For more information, see below:

Privacy Policy (Policy on the Handling of Personal Information) [For the EU General Data Protection Regulation]

We have established the policy below for handling the personal data of users of the website who live within the European Economic Area (EEA). Personal data refers to data that can be used to identify an individual, including their name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, IP address, and other online identifiers. Handling refers to tasks implemented in relation to personal data, whether manual or automatic, including collecting, recording, configuring, structuring, saving, adapting/modifying, searching, referencing, using, disclosing, disclosing by sending/transmitting, or otherwise providing for use, sorting/combining, restricting, deleting, and destroying it.

  • Purpose of Handling of Personal Data
    Personal data is used for marketing surveys and various promotions to improve user experience when using the website.
  • Additional Handling
    In the event that personal data is to be handled for purposes other than the above, we will notify the user in advance of the new purpose of handling and other matters as stipulated by applicable laws.
  • Consent to Handling of Personal Data
    By expressing intent to consent to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the handling of their personal data by us, which will handle the user’s personal data based on that consent. However, the user may withdraw their consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of handling of personal data based on consent prior to withdrawal.
    We may ask users to provide personal data related to provision of services and information via the website. If the user elects not to provide that personal data, we may not be able to provide said services and information.
  • Transfer
    By expressing intent to consent to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the handling of their personal data in Japan where there are no protective measures based on the General Data Protection Regulation such as standard contract clauses and the European Commission has not determined the sufficiency of the level of protection.
    We have implemented organizational and technical safety control measures in accordance with “9. Safety Control Measures” with respect to handling of personal data received from users.
    We may transfer personal data to companies (such as contractors) and other third parties with which they have signed non-disclosure agreements in advance in order to carry out the purposes of handling set forth above. The third parties to which we disclose the personal data of users include several companies located in countries outside of the EEA (including Japan and the United States; the same applies hereinafter). As such, by consenting to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the following:
    (1) If said third parties are located in countries outside of the EEA that do not have data protection laws similar to the EEA, they will not be granted many of the rights established for data subjects within the EEA.
    (2) Their personal data will be transferred to third parties outside of the EEA.
    (3) Their personal data will be transferred, and a third party outside of the EEA to which we disclose the data will process it to achieve the purposes set forth above.
    In the event that we transfer personal data to a third party located in a country outside of the EEA, we will ensure that sufficient measures are in place to protect the personal data by such means as signing an agreement with said third party that contains standard contract clauses based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Rights of Data Subjects
    Users may request access, correction, deletion, or processing restrictions; file objections to processing; and make requests for data portability in relation to the personal data held by us in accordance with related laws and ordinances.
    Users may also file objections to processing of their personal data with the data protection authorities having jurisdiction over us or the location where they reside.
  • Storage Period
    User data is only stored by us when it is required for providing services to the user.
  • Safety Control Measures
    We take appropriate organizational and technical safety control measures when handling personal data.
  • Revision to the Privacy Policy
    We may, without notifying individual users, revise the Privacy Policy by making the revised version available to the general public on the website.


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